Shafie Has Reasons Why Warisan Will Not Have Pact With Gabungan Sabah

Shafie Apdal was much sought-after by the people of Kampung Parapat Laut , when the Parti Warisan Sabah chief visited Kudat last Sunday.

KOTA KINABALU: Parti Warisan Sabah has refuted the allegation made by Yong Teck Lee that prior to the formation of the opposition party, Shafie Apdal had indirectly contacted him on the possibility of cooperation with the condition that Shafie becomes Chief Minister.

Elsie Gidai, who is the Political Assistant to Terrence Siambun, the Treasurer-General of Warisan, said the allegation made by the President of SAPP is far from the truth.

“It is well known that right from the beginning, Shafie had never wanted to be part of Gabungan Sabah. This is even more evident after he was suspended from Umno and left the party for good,” she said in a statement Wednesday.

“Being a Sabahan, a Member of Parliament, a former Senior Federal Minister and a former Umno No. 3 who knows the intricacies of BN operations in Sabah and its relevant players, would Shafie be that desperate to contact the president of a party that, save for one candidate, all the others lost their electoral deposits in GE13?”


Elsie said what had actually transpired was Gabungan Sabah had sent a representative to discuss with Shafie on the possibility of him being part of the opposition coalition which Yong’s SAPP was part of.

“With much humility, we were informed that Gabungan Sabah lacked a strong Muslim native leader, particularly from the Bajau ethnic group and that the departure of Shafie from Umno may have given Gabungan leaders a lot of excitement with the prospect of him being aligned to that coalition.

“This is more so since Yong himself affirmed that Shafie was confident of wresting at least 16 Umno-held seats in Sabah. If Yong or any Gabungan leaders thought that Shafie couldn’t do it, then why would Gabungan be quick to agree to make him as the Chief Minister as Yong alleged?

“Obviously, Gabungan did send their representative to speak with Shafie, hoping to coax him to be part of Gabungan Sabah but he did not. Until today, he has stood by the collective decision with other Warisan leaders to be on their own and this has been repetitively affirmed in all the Jelajah Sabah programmes and media statements,” she said.

Shafie Apdal at a gathering in Merotai, Kalabakan in 2017. He will be in Kalabakan again this April.

Elsie also advised Yong to stop being distracted with the electoral pact between Pakatan Harapan and Warisan.

She also refuted allegations made by Yong that Warisan is out to split the opposition votes.

Yong had claimed that Shafie had only campaigned in the opposition-held constituencies and should have gone to Kalabakan, Kudat, Felda and other Umno hardcore areas.

“Maybe Yong has conveniently forgotten that there is a lack of media coverage on the many visits made by Shafie in Kalabakan, Kudat, Merotai, Beluran, Telupid, Kuamut, Libaran and many more hardcore UMNO/BN areas. But rest assured, he has been to these places and will be going there again soon.

“So, I would advise Yong to Like/Follow the Facebook pages of Shafie, Darell Leiking or Junz Wong and the rest of Warisan leaders so he can keep up with the current developments in Warisan. For Yong’s information, we have a huge programme on 31 March 2018 in Kudat and he may want to watch it live online.

“All campaigning by Shafie and the rest of the Warisan leaders can be easily seen by hundreds of thousands of Sabahans in the Official Shafie Apdal Facebook or through posts by the many people who attended the party’s non-stop campaign rallies, the latest being in Sugut and Beluran on 27 March 2018 besides the many other Wira and Wirawati daily campaigns,” she said.