Shafie Has Done More For Kiulu Than Current ADUN, Points Out Jo-Anna

Jo-Anna says the replanting of high-yielding rubber trees in Kiulu was an initiative undertaken by RISDA, an agency under the ministry headed by Shafie Apdal when he was in government.

KIULU: Shafie Apdal, when minister of Rural and Regional Development previously had done his fair share in the provision of infrastructure as well as high-yielding rubber trees to this semi-rural constituency.

Jo-Anna Henley Rampas, the vice chief of Wirawati Sabah pointed out that RISDA, an agency under Shafie’s then ministry, had assisted in the ventures of replanting high-yielding rubber trees in Kiulu throughout 2004 to 2012.

“This was an initiative undertaken by KKLW (the Bahasa Malaysia acronym for Rural and Regional Development ministry),” Jo-Anna reminded Joniston Bangkuai, the Kiulu Assemblyman.

She also pointed out other basic road constructions by KKLW for instance the Phase one/5KM Gonipis-Poring. Apart from that, it also appeared that 80 percent of the electricity supply for Kiulu was approved and funded by KKLW during Shafie’s time.

“Those are the instances of what Shafie as the minister of KKLW had done for Kiulu,” Jo-Anna said in response to queries as to what Shafie, who is now Parti Warisan Sabah president, had done for Kiulu.

More had been done by Shafie’s Rural and Regional Development ministry previously, than the State government had done for Kiulu, Assemblyman told.

“Having read Joniston’s latest statement, I find it rather disappointing that none of my main questions were answered but only generalised descriptions of his hardwork for Kiulu,” she said.

“As Joniston claims that he has only been a YB for the last 4 years, it is part of the job that he inherits Barisan Nasional’s manifesto in the last GE and it would be a dereliction of his duty if he wipes them.

“When a person offered himself to become a candidate in the election, he (Joniston) had indirectly offered a better service than the previous Kiulu leader,” she added.

Jo-Anna went on to ask what Joniston has done for Kiulu since he took over as a State Assemblyman as it appears that most of the tangible development that has been done in Kiulu came from KKLW, and not from the state government.

According to Jo-Anna, Kiulu has tremendous eco-tourism potential, but it took the Assemblyman years to come up with a “Bulan Melawat Kiulu” which was done only recently.

“And it came to my knowledge that a huge sum of money spent for this project went to building WALAI KIULU., and it looks like this building is heading towards becoming a white elephant due to long-term planning.

“Whoever wins in the next election needs to have the commitment to improve the living standard in Kiulu with concrete plans for downstream industries which is the cornerstone of Warisan’s intent,” she added.

She also suggested that the way forward for Kiulu is to create small and medium scale industries that could generate jobs as it seems there is a high rate of unemployment among youths.