Shafie As PM? Why Not, He Fits The Bill, Says Junz

KOTA KINABALU: Chief Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Shafie Apdal could be the answer to Malaysia’s political stalemate, said Warisan Vice President Datuk Junz Wong on Saturday.

In responding to recent speculations that Shafie has been named the first Prime Minister candidate from East Malaysia, he said the timing may be right.

“Yes, why not? An East Malaysian leader may be the answer to the woes Malaysia is facing,” he said.

“But a point to note is that not simply any leader from East Malaysia is of that calibre to lead Malaysia. We do not want to name a candidate just because he is an East Malaysian. He must fulfill certain criteria.

“For example, the Prime Minister candidate from East Malaysia must be able to unite all citizens of Malaysia”.

Wong said this because it was obvious as to how fragmented society is today, especially in Peninsular Malaysia.

“The racial and religious divide is so clear. So who can bridge this divide and who has a track record of doing so?

“We do not need a candidate that promises and paints a rosy picture. We prefer a candidate that has a track record of uniting his people.”

Wong said given the political impasse, a third option may be the way forward.

“But that alternative must be a figure that is popular and well accepted by Sabahans, Sarawakians and Peninsular Malaysians so that the country can unite as one too.

“In terms of administration and moving the country forward, the candidate must have the experience and capability to run a government otherwise we will be back to square.

“I think Shafie has had more than three decades of experience in seven different ministries.”

“With all the said capabilities, finally the candidate must also be the chosen one by God. We humans can plan, but ultimately it is divine intervention that will make it a reality or vice versa.”

On Friday, speculation was rife that Shafie has been proposed as Pakatan Harapan Plus’ Prime Minister candidate.