SFC Culls Big Male Crocodile In Sungai Samarahan Operation

File photo of a similar culling operation at the Samarahan river in 2015.
File photo of a similar culling operation at the Samarahan river in 2015.

KOTA SAMARAHAN – Swift Wildlife Action Team (SWAT) of Sarawak Forestry Corporation (SFC) managed to cull a big male crocodile on the seventh day of the crocodile culling operation at Sungai Samarahan Thursday.

SFC in a statement Friday said the culling operation shifted and concentrated on Sungai Samarahan in response to the recent crocodile attacks at Kampung Baru and Kampung Pinang around mid-September.

“The operation covered the waters of Kampung Pinang up to Kampung Endap along the Sungai Samarahan. We began the operation last Friday, Sept 23 2016 and despite the catch we will continue to monitor the situation a few more days,” said the statement.

SFC said, the SWAT set up 14 hooks within a radius of eight kilometers from the location near Kampung Pinang where the second victim, Ismandi Osman was reported missing.

“The crocodile which we managed to cull yesterday measured 2.9 metres (9.5 feet). However, when the belly was cut open and stomach contents examined no human remains were found,” said the statement.

The SFC statement went on to say that the operation in Sungai Samarahan would continue over the weekend in the hope to cull some more big crocodiles which were deemed dangerous to humans.

“Monitoring of the waters of these areas will be carried out frequently to allay the residents’ fear of the reptiles. SFC also advises the public living in the vicinity of Sungai Samarahan to be vigilant when using the river,” said the statement.