Serve People And Country Faithfully, Diligently – Labuan Corporation CEO

LABUAN: Civil servants in Malaysia’s international financial hub here must maintain their impartiality and faithfully serve the people and country amid the current political uncertainties.

Labuan Corporation (LC) chief executive officer, Dr Fary Akmal Osman said the civil servants must take a neutral stand in providing services even until the new cabinet line-up or the new government has been formed.

“We have been informed about the dissolution of the Cabinet on the advice of the interim Prime Minister, and the Yang di-Pertuan Agong has consented to the cancellation of all appointments of ministerial positions. As such, we must remain as civil servants, adhering to the government’s policies…as we are here to serve the people and country.

“It is important we do this to the best of our ability because the progress of Labuan and the nation as a whole depends on how the civil service performs,” she told reporters at Labuan Airport prior to her departure to Kuala Lumpur today.

She said a good civil servant would always act in public interest rather than political interest of the administration.

“Impartiality in our service becomes the foundation of public confidence in the civil service and if that impartiality comes into question, public confidence in the civil service will be eroded,” she said.

Fary said all development agendas consisted of socio-economy and people’s welfare that had been planned and must continue to be implemented in the interest of the people.

“The tourism programmes that have been lined up in conjunction with Visit Malaysia 2020 must not be affected, and we will make sure that all the agencies here give their cooperation,” she said.

On another note, she said the status of the village heads and people’s representative councils (MPP) who received their political appointments from the former Federal Territories Minister should continue their duties for the people accordingly until the new minister has been appointed.

“They (village heads and MPP) must continue their routine job even with better improvement. I think that should be the case until we have the new minister who will decide the next course of action,” she said.

Member of Parliament for Labuan, Datuk Rozman Isli said the status of the village heads and MPP remained until there is a directive to vacate the positions from the ministry concerned through an official letter.

Meanwhile, Fary said tourism-related developments were unaffected with the cabinet dissolution as the plans like geology park development would commence this year.

“We are not slowing down our efforts like getting foreign investments, but to expedite the implementation of plans to achieve our objective of putting Labuan on track economically,” she said.

On the visit of officials from 40 foreign embassies to Labuan next month, she said the plan would follow the schedule unless changes were made by Wisma Putra.