Seminar On Strategies In Ethnic Accommodation And Political Bargaining


KOTA KINABALU: One of the world’s leading political scientists, Emeritus Professor Donald L. Horowitz from Duke University will be presenting his extensive work on ethnic political bargaining and conflict resolution in comparative perspective here Tuesday.

Professor Horowitz

Professor Horowitz will also share his views on the future of inter-ethnic coalition in Malaysia in a seminar jointly organised by the Faculty of Humanities, Arts and Heritage, UMS, Society Empowerment and Economic Development of Sabah (SEEDS) and Better Nation Institute (BNI).

The seminar will be held at Theatre Ahmad Nifsu, UMS, from 2.00pm to 4.00pm on Tuesday.

Dr Arnold Puyok, a senior fellow at SEEDS and senior lecturer at the Faculty of Social Sciences, UNIMAS, who will moderate the seminar, said Professor Horowitz’s work on ethnic politics and ethnic coalition building in Malaysia dates back to 1960s when he was a PhD student at Harvard University.

He said the seminar hopes to gather input from expert on the way forward to ensure continued ethnic harmony in Malaysia.

Professor Horowitz is best known for his ground-breaking book, Ethnic Groups in Conflict, which is widely read by political scientists and policymakers around the world.

“It is important that we continue to improve our policy governing interethnic relations in Malaysia. Professor Horowitz’s work is important because he balances between theory and practice”, said Dr Puyok.

“Our politics is essentially ethnic-based and will continue to be so in many years to come. It is therefore important that we enhance our ethnic policy based on solid research,” he added.