Sarawak Police On Illegal Gambling Blitz; 36 Nabbed In Miri

Caught red-handed – a customer placing her bets with an illegal bookie. – Photo courtesy of PDRM Sarawak

MIRI: Police in Sarawak are going all ot to curb illegal gambling.

In multiple raids conducted simultaneously by the police on Tuesday, they arrested 36 suspects including six foreigners believed to be involved in illegal gambling

Dev Kumar, the Sarawak Criminal Investigation Department Chief, said the 36, of which 13 were women, were aged between 18 and 51.

“They are being investigated for offences under the Common Gaming House Act 1953 and Immigration Act,” he said in a statement here Wednesday.


He said police also seized RM5,301 in cash, mobile phones, portable printers, calculators, betting slips and stationeries in 26 illegal 4D raids.

In three other raids conducted by CID teams at cyber gambling outlets in Kuching, Padawan and Kota Samarahan, 16 tablets and cash amounting to RM7,441 were seized, he said.

A few days earlier, police uncovered a den for illegal cyber gambling activities when they raided a low-cost house located in the suburbs in Miri City.

A police team led by DSP Lee Swee Sake, the Miri CID chief, discovered the gambling den fronting as a typical house in Jalan Dato Permaisuri 2B, Permyjaya.

The 24-year-old caretaker and two suspected gamblers aged 24 and 33 were detained to facilitate investigations.

Nine laptops, wifi peripherals and RM161 were seized in the raid and the case will be investigated under the Common Gaming House Act 1953.