Sandakan Syndicate Selling Fake MyKad Busted; Seven People Arrested

One of the ‘clients’ who purchased the fake MyKad from the syndicate members. He was among the seven Indonesians arrested on Friday. – Photo credit NRD Sabah

KOTA KINABALU –National Registration Department officers staged a raid on two houses in Sandakan on Friday and arrested a mastermind and her agent believed to be responsible for producing and selling fake MyKads.

Two women, believed to be the mastermind and an agent, both women, were picked up along with five customers, said NRD Director-General, Mohd Yazid bin Ramli in a statement Saturday.

He said he personally led the raid, along with 12 NRD officers and men from its headquarters in Kuala Lumpur and Sabah office, headed by Mohamad Yusri bin Hashim, and were assisted by six policemen from the Sandakan police department.


According to Mohd Yazid, the operation began at 9.10pm on Friday and ended four hours later.

He said the syndicate was actively distributing the fake MyKads in the Sandakan region, and the NRD was tipped off about its operations.

“The two women were under observation by a Special Team for two weeks before we noved in,” said Mohd Yazid.

The two women, aged 25 and 48 respectively were said to have solicited clients among the large illegal immigrant community for a fee of RM6,000. Both of them were in possession of fake MyKads themselves.


At their house, the raiding party came across several dubious documents including photographs and copies of the MyKad that were falsified, unidentified birth certaificates and two laptops that were used for documentation.

They moved about using a Perodua Myvi and the vehicle was also seized.

A further check on the premises also saw the arrests of five others, three men and two women aged between 23 – 57 for being in possession of the fake identification documents that were allegedly purchased from the two women for RM6,000 each.

All seven admitted that they were from Bone, southern Sulawesi, Indonesia.


The two women are being held and investigated under Rule 25 (1)(e) of the National Registration Rules 1990 (Amended 2007).

The five are also being investigated under the same ruling but for possession of false documentes which if charged and convicted, can see them being jailed for not more than three years and fined up to RM20,000 or both.

It is also understood that the syndicate was involved in falsifying driving licenses issued by the Road Transport Department, as well as Automated Teller Machine (ATM) cards and bank account books.

He said he believed there were many more agents out there offering fake documentation to the illegal immigrants, adding the NRD was constantly monitoring the situation.