Sabah’s ‘Great Defender Of Forests’ Booted Out At Last – Sarawak Report

FLASHBACK: Sam Mannan, left, briefing the former Chief Minister Musa Aman, second from right, and other officials at the Heart of Borneo International Conference 2017 in Kota Kinabalu. – Photo credit MOHD ADAM ARININ/NSTP

KOTA KINABALU: After years posing as a great defender of Sabah’s fast depreciating forests, Sam Mannan has now been exposed allegedly as one of the main drivers of destruction, issuing licences for illegal clear cutting in supposedly protected areas across the state.

He was sacked on Friday, August 3rd following a major taskforce investigation into the disgraceful practices of his department initiated by the new Chief Minister of the state.

Sarawak Report (SR) in an exclusive report Tuesday published a copy of what is believed to be his (Sam’s) letter of dismissal dated 31st July says:

“The state government has decided based on state law 59c … to terminate the contract signed between Sam Mannan and the state government on 2nd August 2017, effective in three months from now. The last day will be 31st October 2018″ [translated]

The letter telling Sam Mannan that his services has been terminated was viraled over social media since Monday.

It is understood he will shortly take extended leave to see out his contract.

The development comes after evidence had been gathered of extensive licencing of illegal logging practices authorised by Mannan during the month long Operation Forest Storm 2 launched by the new Chief Minister, who took over after a hotly contested transfer of power in the May elections.

Shafie Apdal has pledged to clean up illegal logging in the state.

Sarawak Report had challenged Mannan over a number of controversial logging operations sanctioned by him during his two decades in the job, however he continued to enjoy the protection of the previous Chief Minister of the state Musa Aman, himself a former Chairman of the Sabah Foundation, main custodian of the forests of the state.

Musa Aman is now on the run, his location unknown, according to the SR report, since being forced out of office.

In the course of 2012 Sarawak Report had detailed tens of millions of dollars in timber kickbacks he himself (allegedly) received from logging contractors, which had then been funnelled through a web of off-shore companies, through Hong Kong and Singapore into a Zurich UBS bank account.

Despite the expose, Musa Aman, who was the brother of the previous Foreign Minister Anifah, continued to be in turn protected by former Prime Minister Najib Razak.

Mannan, left, with Prince Charles at an undated WWF ‘Environment Conference’ in London. – Photo from the internet

Sarawak Report has received information that the Malaysian authorities have issued a Red Notice INTERPOL alert for his arrest, after he secretly crossed the border into Brunei and then fled initially to Britain.

Sam Mannan liked to be known as the King of Sabah’s forests and was for many years Musa’s right hand man in managing – or rather mismanaging – what was left of the Borneo Jungle in the state.

Despite posing on the international stage as a fervent environmentalist, within logging circles in Sabah he was criticised for his corrupt issuing of licences against state policy, to the lasting detriment of the forests.

Many such licences were issued to close colleagues and established timber cronies.

On the one hand he was photographed with Prince Charles at forestry events and was on hand to welcome Prince Willliam and Kate to the Danum Valley reserve, on the other he was issuing licences against the rules.

Sarawak Report also reported that it has evidence that a police report has now been issued citing numerous such offences amounting to 40,161 logs now seized and pending investigation.