Sabahans Shows Sting In Labuan’s Bittersweet International Eco Ultra Marathon

Wilsen Singgin winning the men’s open category 70km

LABUAN: Sabah’s long distance runners showed their real ‘sting’ in the Labuan’s bittersweet longest run of Labuan Bird Park Eco Ultra Marathon today, winning the men and women categories.

The marathon as part of the Labuan Bird Park festival attracted 550 long distance runners including from nine foreign countries of Brunei, Indonesia, Australia, Belgium, India, Philippines, Thailand, United States and Venezuela.

According to Bernama’s report Wilsen Singgin took seven hours 47 minutes and three seconds (7:47:03s) to emerge the winner of the 70km men’s open category.

Safrey Sumping won the second place with a time of eight hours 21 minutes and 29 seconds (8:21:29s).

Guianus Salagan.

Third place won by Mohd Azizan Ajak, clocking nine hours 32 minutes and 17 seconds (9:32:17).

Men and women veteran for 70km category won by Sabah’s husband and wife Guianus Salagan and Kona Liau.

The former world’s toughest race of Kinabalu International Climbathon Guianus proved age no barrier winning the men’s veteran category having clocked eight hours 37 minutes and 54 seconds (8:37:54) to win the veteran category.

Second place went to Abdul Rahman Bullah clocking nine hours 32 minutes and 12 seconds (9:32:12) and Sal Tak Jee took third place with a time of nine hours 57 minutes and 42 seconds. (9:57:42).

Jessica Suip winning the women’s open category 50km.

Jessica Suip from Kuala Penyu made a surprise win having no experience in marathon but winning the women’s open 50km category with a shocking time of six hours 59 minutes and 18 seconds (6:59:18s) defeating Rasidah Wati Jamal who clocked eight hours 20 minutes and 32 seconds (8:20:32s) and Lorittie Joey Jainol won the third place with a time of eight hours 20 minutes and 50 seconds (8:20:50s).

“It was my first marathon and I was very excited with my performance today despite the challenges on the sandy beaches, trails and heat of the long road,” Jessica said to Bernama.

Kona Liau winning the women veteran 70km.

Kona Liau (women’s veteran 70km) clocked ten hours 21 minutes and 58 seconds (10:21:58s), Norlizah Sinail second place with (13:24:56) and Brunei’s Norkamsiah Yaakob third place.

Mailin Salungin Ripau won the 70km women’s open with eleven hours six minutes and 10 seconds (11:06:10s), Shazana Nabilah Ayob from Brunei won the second place with a time of eleven hours 52 minutes and 10 seconds (11:52:10s), while Marjilah Rebid the third place clocking 12 hours 27 minutes and 10 seconds (12:27:10s).

The 70km marathon was flagged off at 2pm from Labuan Bird Park, Kg Lubok Temiang to round the Labuan island.