Sabahans Must Return To Exercise Their Right

KOTA KINABALU: Sabah voters living elsewhere in the country have no choice but to return to the state to cast their ballots in the forthcoming election.

The Election Commission today said absentee voting for these voters was not possible for now.

The postal voting facility is currently only provided to registered voters who are living outside Malaysia and registered as absentee voters.


EC deputy chairman, Azmi Sharom said the EC, through Pos Malaysia, would use the services of an international courier company to deliver postal ballot envelopes to Sabah voters residing overseas for this election.

This is due Pos Malaysia’s temporary cessation of international mail and parcel services, as well as Pos Malaysia Express Mail (EMS) Services to all international destinations, except Singapore, since Aug 3, he said.

Electoral reform group Global Bersih has called on the EC and the federal government to amend existing regulations to allow for the registration of absentee voters.

“The EC will continue with efforts to improve the postal voting process, apart from exploring alternative options for absentee voters … this is being looked into under our improvement plans and a committee has been formed to study the matter,” he said in a statement today.

“This is a process that cannot be made in a rush as any improvements must be made with caution.”

The EC is scheduled to hold a special meeting in here on Monday to determine nomination and polling dates for the state election.