Sabah Water-gate: Nothing To Link Shafie To Probe – Report Quotes Source

'We have not found anything related to Shafie yet' MACC sources was quoted as telling a news portal.
We have not found anything related to Shafie – left – yet’ MACC sources was quoted as telling a news portal.


KOTA KINABALU – Several quarters attempting to link former Rural and Regional Development minister, Dato’ Seri Haji Shafie Apdal to the ongoing graft investigation involving the Sabah Water Department, could find theselves disappointed.

A source familiar with the investigations, was quoted by a news portal as saying that Shafie is not connected to the investigations, nor related to the arrests of the Department’s director, his deputy, and two others.

“Nope. We have not found anything related to Shafie yet,” the source was said to have told Malaysiakini on condition of anonymity, when asked if the former minister is connected to the matter.

Another source familiar with the investigations also revealed the same.

Over the weekend, there has been attempts to link the case to Shafie, a former Umno vice-president, who is now in the midst of registering a new Sabah-based party after quitting the ruling coalition.

Raime Unggi
Raime Unggi

Two days ago, it was reported that Tenom MP Raime Unggi called for the probe to include the federal ministry and its minister over the corruption case involving RM3.3 billion worth of water infrastructure.

“This abuse of power happened in 2010 and it would be appropriate for the MACC to also investigate the minister and senior officials of the federal ministry involved,” he said.

Sabah Deputy Chief Minister Joseph Pairin Kitingan, who also headed the state’s Infrastructure Development Ministry, said he was kept in the dark over the projects.

He claimed the RM3.3 billion was a federal funding that came directly from the Rural and Regional Development Ministry in Putrajaya without going through him.

Pairin Kitingan
Pairin Kitingan

Unnamed sources revealed to the Star that 60 percent of the RM3.3 billion allocation or almost RM2 billion had been siphoned off from the Sabah infrastructure project.

Shafie himself had also responded to the insinuations, stating: “It is quite perplexing and amusing that the state authorities are in a haste to plead their innocence publicly and divert the blame to the Rural and Regional Development Ministry.”

“Making such statements publicly seem to show that the state authority has no respect nor confidence in the investigation by the MACC,” he said.

So far, cash, valuables and property estimated to be in the region of RM200 million has been seized by the MACC, both locally and overseas.