Sabah Water-Gate II: Another District Engineer Nabbed In Corruption Probe

File photo of a sneior Water official who was picked up by the MACC on Oct 20.
File photo of a sneior Water official who was picked up by the MACC on Oct 20.

KOTA KINABALU: Another district engineer has been arrested and remanded in the ongoing massive graft probe into the Sabah Water Department.

But five of the department’s senior employees who were among 22 personnel detained on Oct 19 and 20 were released on bail Monday.


The latest officer was arrested at 6.40pm Sunday.

He was produced before Tawau magistrate Faizal Che Saad, who allowed an application by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) for a five-day remand.

The five were freed on RM50,000 bail each after being produced before magistrate Cindy McJuce Balitus at about 2.40pm.

The arrests on Oct 19, 20 and Oct 23 is the second phase in the MACC’s probe into the department dubbed Ops Water.

Investigators have so far seized RM8.4mil in the second phase of their probe involving the 23 second-tier officers.

MACC deputy chief commissioner Datuk Azam Baki confirmed the latest arrest.

Barang-barang kemas, duit kertas berjuta-juta, beg tangan yang berjenama, kereta mewah antara yang dirampas oleh MACC dari rumah-rumah pegawai Jabatan Air.
Bundles of cold cash, an assortment of jewelry, branded watches and ladies handbags, as well as luxury cars and land titles have been seized from the alleged key players in this scandal that has almost crippled the state-owned utility company.

The mind-boggling corruption scandal, said to involve some RM3.3 billion in federal funds, has so far seen the director and deputy director of the Department, as well as a State Finance Ministry advisor, being nabbed and later released on bail for their role in the scandal.

All three have been released on bail, along with the brother of the deputy director and his business accountant. The director and deputy director were also suspended from their posts in the department.

The MACC have so far recovered more than RM190 million in cash, bank accounts, property, cars and valuables and more than 90 people called to give their statements.

No one has been officially charged in court yet.