Sabah Voters Looking At A Change In Government In GE14 – Junz Wong


KOTA KINABALU: Voters in in the whole of Sabah, and not only Likas, are looking forward in the opportunity to knock out the Barisan Nasional in the forthcoming elections.

Likas Assemblyman Junz Wong also claimed that Malaysians in Sabah have wanted a strong local multi-racial party to gain control of the State’s destiny by forming a government that can make decisions for the best interests of the people without having always to refer to West Malaysia.


He said voters in general have become more discerning and they want the BN out as fast as possible as Sabah and Sabahans have not benefitted much under the Umno-led government.

“If Kota Kinabalu Umno deputy chief, Seruji Nawawi is so confident that the BN can retake Likas in GE14, then I welcome him to offer himself as candidate and contest the constituency so that he can walk the talk,” said Junz Wednesday.

In a statement, the Parti Warisan Sabah vice president also said that in 2013 Likas voters voted for the opposition for a “check and balance” because they knew that it would not be easy to topple the BN Government then.

“Things are different now as we have a home-grown multiracial party in the Shafie Apdal-led Warisan and support for the party has been growing since we first started nine months ago.

“People are beginning to understand why Warisan was formed and what the party is all about. The struggle for recognition is not over but we are gaining strength, so people like Seruji should stand as candidates, instead of just talking,” Junz said.

Recently, Seruji had said that the BN can wrest Likas from the opposition, suggesting that Junz who previously won the seat on a DAP ticket, was not due to his personal popularity, but because of the strength of the party.

Junz had a busy time visiting as many of his Muslim constituents during Ramadan. Warisan president Shafie Apdal had a ‘buka puasa’ gathering at Likas too.

He had also said that voters in Likas had now wanted a BN assemblyman instead of the opposition.

Junz admitted that initially, after he had crossed over to Warisan, many of his voters had questioned his move, but now after explanations, “they can see the bigger picture and they are more than willing to thrown their support behind Shafie Apdal and Darell Leiking (Warisan deputy president).

He also denied that he had betrayed the voters’ trust by switching parties, saying the people wanted a local party to form the government and Warisan was the most appropriate choice.

“I would have betrayed the voters if I had joined the BN,” he said.

“As a local leader for Sabah, I need to make decisions that are for best interest of Sabah. Some are tough but necessary decisions.”

Junz said he was very confident that Warisan will win the Likas seat, because Chinese voters are showing great support, while Muslims are firmly behind the party’s struggle.

He agreed that there could be some Likas voters who might vote against him but at the same time he is certain that a majority of the voters want to vote for a party that can topple BN and form the next state government.

He said Seruji should stop kidding himself as he knows very well that BN leaders are actually worried about losing power in GE14.

“With today’s economic slowdown caused by several BN-burdening flip flop policies such as GST, tourism tax, subsidy cuts, increased prices, ringgit depreciation, and no thanks to on-going 1MDB scandal, Seruji must be in dreamland to think about wresting Likas,” he added.

He stressed whichever opposition party contested Likas, BN would have no chance of winning there.

“I have absolute confidence with my fellow Sabahans because we are good at changing governments. When it comes to the time for changing the government, we always know who to vote for.

“In Sabah political history, we have never achieved a one-to-one fight, but we have changed the government at least twice through the ballot box,” he added.