Sabah Urges Returning Students To Strictly Adhere To Home Quarantine

KOTA KINABALU: Some 7,000 students returning to Sabah have been asked to strictly adhere to home quarantine guidelines.

Sabah Health Department director Datuk Christina Rundi (pic) on Sunday (May 3) said the decision to allow the students to go home and practise home quarantine was due to the large number returning from Peninsular Malaysia and also Sarawak.

She said all students would have to undergo Covid-19 tests before they are allowed to return to their respective hometowns and villages in the state.

In view of the decision to allow the students to do home quarantine, Dr Rundi said the students should follow the two-week home quarantine strictly, and it was their responsibility to protect their family.

“Now the responsibility is with the students to observe their respective home quarantine properly, ” Dr Rundi.

She said some students could be unknowing carriers, and as such, must ensure they observe the quarantine rules.

She said that many might not show any signs of being infected, and this could lead to the virus spreading through the families and communities.

On Saturday (May 2), the state government decided that students would be allowed to skip the two-week quarantine at the centres, in view of large numbers returning and insufficient space to accommodate them.

Sabah, so far, has 315 positive Covid-19 cases with four deaths recorded.