Sabah urged to resolve vegetable dumping in Kundasang during MCO

KOTA KINABALU: The Sabah government has been urged to immediately resolve the problem of vegetable dumping in Kundasang, Ranau, following the implementation of the Movement Control Order (MCO), in addition to related directives via the Sabah Covid-19 Command Centre.

Kampung Lipasu Unit head for the Kinabalu Area Farmers’Association (PPK), Jailin Nazrin who made the call, said the state government, especially the Sabah Agriculture and Food Industries Ministry, was asked not to let the problem drag on.

“The problem is getting worse, as vegetable wholesalers from outside Kundasang are not allowed in. Vegetables are important for the people, and their production and sales must continue,” he said in a statement here today.

He was commenting on a news report that said more than 300 vegetable traders in Kundasang had suffered losses, following the dumping of vegetables after the implementation of the MCO.

Jailin said the problem had arisen since the first day of the MCO implementation on March 18, so he hoped the state government could facilitate the distribution of food supplies including vegetables, as the service was allowed to operate during this period.

Kundasang Stall Operators Association chairman Mariana Taliban said the dumping of vegetables began increasing, as the MCO entered its second week.

According to her, they had to take the initiative to send all the vegetables to Kota Kinabalu for sale at half price, so they would not be thrown away.

“In addition, these unsold vegetables are also distributed to several villages in Ranau. This not only prevents waste, but also helps individuals or families in need, especially those living in remote areas of the town or city,” she said.