Sabah Security Council Deported 21,514 Illegals Since Last January

Adios to these illegal immigrants who were caught. Thousands more are hiding throughout Sabah, evading the long arms of the law and working illegally for a pittance for unscrupulous businessmen.

SANDAKAN – A total of 21,514 illegal immigrants from the Philippines, Indonesia and other nationalities were deported to their respective countries since January this year until Tuesday.

State National Security Council director, Datuk Rodzi Md Saad said since Nov 15 until yesterday alone, 3,066 illegals from the Philippines were sent home by ferries and another 1,000 would be repatriated by Dec 31.

Rodzi, in a statement Wednesday, said since 1990 until today, Sabah had seen a total of 551,455 illegals repatriated while some volunteered to return to their countries.


According to him, the repatriation efforts had been intensified in accordance with the government’s commitment and promise to continue rooting out illegal immigrants from Sabah.

It was also a follow-up from the agreement reached between the Malaysian Prime Minister and the President of the Philippines on Nov 10, he said.

He said all quarters, especially employers and members of the public, should cooperate with the authorities by giving information on the presence of illegal immigrants and also to refrain from hiring or harbouring them.

Rodzi also said that 441 illegals from the Philippines were repatriated to Zamboanga by ferry from Sandakan on Tuesday.

They were previously held at the temporary detention centre in Sibuga, Tawau.