Sabah PRN: Sarawak Police Will Assist, If Required

TAWAU: Sarawak Police will be deployed if there is a need to help ensure the smooth running of the Sabah State Elections (PRN) process next September.

Bukit Aman Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM) CID director Datuk Huzir Mohamed said the Sabah police would determine the number of personnel required on duty during the PRN process.

“It is up to Sabah if it needs the assistance. The closest members that can be sent are from Sarawak and if necessary more from the Peninsula will also be sent,” he said.

He said this to reporters here, today in conjunction with the Inspector General of Police Permanent Order Examination (Pemeriksaan Perintah Tetap Ketua Polis Negara) visit to Sabah.

According to Huzir, other elements in the PDRM would also help strengthen security during the Sabah PRN process.

On his visit to Sabah, Huzir said more than 60 police stations had been inspected since August 22 involving seven inspection teams from Bukit Aman.

“The CID is entrusted with inspecting two contingents or states, namely in Sabah and Perlis. For Sabah we have conducted inspections at selected police stations and district police headquarters (IPD).

“The main objective of conducting the inspections is to ensure that all aspects of administration run smoothly and ensure the efficiency of staff is always at the maximum level and all buildings and assets are in good condition,” he added.

Huzir said, as a result of the inspection, it was found that there were dilapidated stations and IPDs that needed to be repaired.

“For example, the Weston Police Station, Beaufort does not have water facilities while the Luyang police station, Kota Kinabalu needs immediate attention as its walls have been damaged and eaten by termites.

‘’The police station in Tambisan, Lahad Datu is still using containers and has irregular electricity supply, “he said.

According to Huzir, the full report on the results of the inspection would be brought to Bukit Aman and submitted to the Inspector-General of Police and the relevant department to study and take further action.