Sabah Motorcross Challenge 2017 Roars Off At Limbanak Over Weekend

One of the participants at the Sabah Motorcross Challenge 2017 having a tryout at the Limbanak Motorcross Racing Track. – BorneoToday photo

PENAMPANG: More than 80 off-road motorcyclists will be taking part in the organised by the Penampang Motorsport Club starting Saturday (Sept 16, 2017).

The event to be held over two days at the Limbanak Motorcross Racing Track is endorsed and supported by the Ministry of Youth and Sport, and sanctioned by the Automobile Association of Malaysia.

Some of the participants, fans and officials who turned up for practise on Friday evening. The event’s patron is Hafiz Sua @ Reggie, sixth from left in black.

A spokesman for the organisers said the categories to be contested are – Novices, Cub Cross, Veteran Scrambler, Open and Enduro Trail Challenge.

He said this is the third time the event is being held and this year more participants would be taking part.

He added that all the marshals who would be officiating have got the necessary training and licensed by AAM.

From 8.00am to 11.45 there will be registration of participants, inspection of motorcycles and after the track inspection, free practice sessions will be held.

For motorcross enthusiasts who want to watch the participants in action, there is no entrance charges to the venue which is behind SMK Limbanak.

The race proper begins at 1.30pm


1.30pm : Scrambler 1 (Moto 1) – 9 laps
1.55pm : Scrambler 2 (Moto 1) 2 – 9 laps
2.20pm : Cub Cross (Moto 1) – 7 laps
2.45pm : Veteran (Moto 1) 7 laps
3.10pm : MX2 (Moto 1) – 10 laps
3.35pm : Scrambler 1 (Moto 2) – 10 laps
4.00pm : Scrambler 2 (Moto 2) – 10 laps


8.00am to 11.55am : Practice Sessions
1.30pm : MX 1 (Expert) Moto 2 – 12 laps
1.55pm : Trail Challenge – 8 laps
2.30pm : MX 2 (Novice) Moto 2 – 11 laps
3.00pm : Prize Presentation