Sabah MCA Hopes To ‘Emulate’ DAP, PKR

KOTA KINABALU: Sabah MCA appears to have much work to do ahead of the coming state elections.

For starters it said it would work towards gaining the people’s confidence and support for the party so that they don’t see MCA as a peninsula-based party.

“If DAP and PKR can be accepted here, why not MCA?” asked MCA secretary-general Datuk Chong Sin Woon here today.

In the May 2018 elections Sabah MCA fielded two candidates to contest state seats but lost.

Sabah DAP won six while its Pakatan Harapan partner PKR won two in that outing.

Besides working on gaining traction with the people Sabah MCA is also hoping its fellow opposition parties would work out a deal to ensure one-on-one fights against Warisan Plus in this election.

Chong said by going one-on-one, they would stand a better chance of winning the polls in Sabah.

“We have a pool of young candidates but we will decide who to field when the time comes,” he said.

Opposition parties in the state have yet to say if a seat-sharing arrangement has been reached between them.

Sabah Umno has already stated that it planned to contest all its traditional seats and Sabah Bersatu is looking at standing in 45 seats.

PBS, meanwhile, has said that it was eyeing 30 seats this time.

There is also Parti Cinta Sabah, PBRS and Sabah Star, all of which have not declared their intentions publicly thus far.

A total of 73 seats will be contested in the election which must be held by the end of next month.

The Election Commission is expected to announce the polling date soon.