Sabah Looks To Pineapple Plantations For Export Market – Junz

Junz, right, with Tan, the CEO of Arus Primajaya when he visited the Johore-based pineapple tissue culture lab recently. – Photos courtesy of James Cherng

JOHORE: Large scale planting of pineapples in Sabah will be one of the core farming products, with the aim to exports after the fulfillment of local demands.

Minister of Agriculture and Food Industry Sabah Datuk Junz Wong said at this stage Sabah Pineapples farming still need a lots of improvement, in both yield of production and research in pineapples tissue culture.

The Minister said his ministry (MAFI) sets to strike a strategic partnership with Arus Primajaya, a Johore-based pineapple research and production company to mass produce the succulent fruit and help local farmers to go big, as they already have ready international markets.

“Locally in Sabah, there is still a need more pineapples, but it will be suitable and profitable to go for exporting market once local demand has been fulfilled.” Junz said.

The minister takes a closer look at the pineapple seedling culture.

Junz visited Arus Primajaya’s Pineapple tissue culture lab at Benut, Johore.

The company has been doing pineapple research for the past 15 years and has successfully come out with a good formula to produce consistent MD2 pineapples.

The minister commented that his visit was really an eye opening and a privilege to be able to visit his lab to learn and understand the entire process of how pineapple seedlings are nurtured to ready planting materials at every stage.

Trying his hand out at the pineapple tissue culture process, Junz said Sabah has the potential of becoming a major pineapple producer.

“Only people with passion and love for the fruits can go through such long period of time experiencing with own funding in order to succeed in formulating the right formula,” Junz added.

He believes the knowledge from Johore able to help Sabah in pineapples moving towards mass production, and to be the largest pineapple supplier after the southern state in the peninsula.