Sabah Does Not Need BN To Survive; Why I Left Umno – Shafie Apdal

Shafie Apdal receiving some 450 membership application forms from disgruntled BN members from its various component parties as well as opposition supporters. Looking on Ma’mun Sulaiman, left, the Warisan candidate for Kalabakan and Ismail Senang, the Merotai candidate.

TAWAU: Sabah does not need Umno to survive as proven by Sarawak, Penang and Selangor, said Shafie Apdal.

The opposition’s Parti Warisan Sabah president, who used to be Umno vice president, said Sabah will not fall without Umno.

“Who said without Umno, then Sabah will collapse?

“There’s no Umno in Sarawak yet they’re okay and there’s no Umno in Penang or Selangor yet these two states are doing well with plenty of benefits for the people,” said Shafie during a gathering in Balung here.

He went in to Tawau a day after Prime Minister Najib Razak made a pit stop there after visiting Sandakan on Monday (Apr 30).

Shafie, the incumbent Semporna MP who is defending his seat for the sixth term and also contesting the Senallang state seat under the constituency, reiterated the reasons why he broke away from Umno in 2016.

“I left because the Umno of today is not the same when I joined and promote the party.

“Back then, they helped the people, but now they are only burdening the people and it’s getting worse,” said Shafie.

He also refuted Barisan Nasional’s pledge to develop Sabah, saying that while it is rich with resources such as timber, oil and gas as well as tourism revenue, Sabah remained the poorest state in Malaysia.

Jimmy Wong, the DAP Sri Tanjung candidate, speaking at an event at Batu 15, Balung. 

“Barisan promises, for fifty years they promise and promise. And now they promise again,” he said.

Shafie also accused Chief Minister Musa Aman of consolidating his political position in Umno by getting more members of his family to be fielded as candidates.

“Musa is consolidating his position by putting his brother, son, and relatives. What’s he up to?” said Shafie.

He also urged the people to not vote “rabble rousers” into power as Sabahans need office bearers who can represent them by speaking out and pushing for the needs of the people in Parliament.

“We want MPs who can speak out in Parliament and not rabble rousers who can’t utter decent sentences, instead shame Sabahans with gutter politics that spew from their mouths,” he said.