Rural Sabah to enjoy full broadband coverage in three years – TM

KOTA KINABALU: Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM) needs at least another three years to ensure all rural areas in the state get to enjoy broadband coverage.

TM Sabah Regional Director, Datuk Mohd Sainal Mohd Amin said the telecommunication company is in the process of replacing its copper cables with fibre optic ones, to further increase internet access in the state.

“The problem of internet access is still a challenge for TM Sabah as we need some time to switch from copper to fibre optic (cables), and this is being carried out in stages,” he said in a statement after the launch of the TM Unifi’s high-speed broadband service at Malaysia Internet Centre, Kampung Pinggan-Pinggan, Pitas, today.

Mohd Sainal said the public could continue to use internet services at their respective village internet centres, to help adapt to the new normal and for online learning.

“As the backbone of the country’s telecommunications sector, TM is committed to providing services to society, so that those who live in rural areas can also enjoy high-speed internet,” he said.