‘Rukun Tetangga’ Way Out To Stop Harassment At Taman Inanam Jaya

The residents of Taman Inanam Jaya after their dialogue last Saturday on how to end crime activities at their housing estate.

INANAM: The constant disturbance haranguing residents of Taman Inanam Jaya residents looks to have ended; thanks to the mutual efforts of city police, Kota KInabalu City Hall, the residents themselves and the Warisan Kapayan Action Force (WaKAF) team.

The local authorities swung into action to carry out inspection, especially at the adjacent settlement at Kampung Tatahan, after their plight was highlighted by the WaKAF team to the media only a few short days earlier.

Pritchard Gumbaris, the special aide to Darrell Leiking, Member of Parliament for Penampang said a major check-up was carried out to ensure that no bad hats were among those squatting there.

A dialogue was held by a police team from the Karamunsing station last Saturday with the local residents, landowners of the other surrounding housing areas and officers from City Hall, along with the Wakaf team.

“The police officers, which included several from their Inanam sub-station aired out their views on how best to tackle this social issue together,” said Pritchard in a statement.

Among the suggestions made included community policing or Rukun Tetangga to ensure the whole area is better protected to which the residents agreed.

However, there was no mention if the enforcement agencies carried out a sweep of the Kampung Tatahan squatter colony which is said to be a hideout for scores of illegal immigrants.

In an earlier report, the residents complained that they were in constant worry that migrants from the squatter colony were harassing them and their families. There was even an instance where a house was broken into and the resident claimed to have incurred some RM60,000 in losses.

Pritchard heaped praise for the efforts of DSP Hjh Kalsom Binti Hj Idris, head of crime prevention and community affairs, the landowner Jason Majimbun and Ketua Kampong Charles Gitom as well as residents, Lennie Yong and Thomas Sim for their involvement and participation.


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