Rozman Adds Another Feather To His Cap As He Heads DPMM Labuan

Rozman, fifth from left, with committee members of the Malaysian Malay Chamber of Commerce Labuan.

LABUAN: Member of Parliament for Labuan Datuk Rozman Isli is now the president of Malaysian Malay Chamber of Commerce Labuan (DPMM), taking over the helm from Datuk Yussof Mohammad.

Yussof who was the founder of the Malay chamber in Labuan since the last 21 years withdrew his candidacy to pave the way for Rozman at the 20th Annual General Meeting here Saturday night.

Rozman will be assisted by Bongsu Mohamad who had been appointed as deputy president and Rosli Awang Damit as the vice-president.

Alongside him are Yussof Chuchu (honorary secretary) and nine committee members of Mohd Zhafran Asali, Mohd Hadri Mohamad Hamka, Surizal Salleh, Abu Mahmood, Mat Said Harris, Jamri Moksin, Hasnah Sambas, Fatimah Kario and Mahani Yussof.

Rozman Isli

Rozman said the DPMM would be another ‘vehicle’ for him to unite the Malay entrepreneurs on the island.

“The long-serving Datuk Yussof Mohamad had been able to assist the Malay entrepreneurs here, and we will continue his legacy,” he said at the AGM dinner here.

Rozman who is also the local authority of Labuan Corporation chairman pledged to deliver to the expectation of the members of bringing the transformation to the Malay entrepreneur development.

“The island’s economy which had been heavily depended on the oil and gas sector is now on the verge of gloomy, with a few hotels including an established hotel are on sale due to the declining occupancy since last year, closure of shops and increased unemployment rate.

“Sadly to note a number of our people who lost jobs after the slowing down of the oil and gas sector are facing financial difficulties with hire purchase issues…their vehicles are in the process of being repossessed and their house are with no power supply,” he said.

Rozman said the impact of the current economic situation has made the local entrepreneurs to be matured ‘in sailing through the troubled water’ and be more vigilant in their business activities and creative in diversifying their business deals.

“After the slump in oil process hit the oil and gas sector across the globe, with no exception to Labuan, the situation has taught us, you can either let it defeat you or you can overcome the situation… believes the ability to overcome is crucial to entrepreneurial success,” he said.