RMAF’s Assets Tested For Combat Effectiveness In 10-Day Labuan Exercise

An F/A 18D Hornet, a fighter aircraft that was deployed in the exercise.

LABUAN: The F/A-18D, SU-30MKM and Hawks fighter aircraft, A400M, C130 Hercules and CN235 transport aircraft, KC130 aircraft, S61A helicopter and EC725 AP helicopter were among Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) assets involved in a 10-day exercise to ensure combat-readiness of the nation’s military.

Also involved in the mini exercise of RMAF Paradise 4/17 at the Labuan Air Base were the special air service (PASKAU), 401 GBAD (Ground Base Air Defence) Squadron, and the Army’s 10 Paratrooper Brigade.

“The air operational exercise of Region 2 (Sabah and Sarawak) which involved 300 personnel has achieved its objectives,” said RMAF Air Operations chief, Lt Gen. Datuk Seri Abdul Mutalib Ab Wahab.

He told reporters covering the closing of the exercise that the RMAF will continue to conduct its air operational exercises (training) to address weaknesses despite the limited financial resources.

“The objectives of the exercise included enhancing the interdependence level in carrying out large force employment (LFE), assessing combat readiness, expertise and competency of the RMAF, and supporting the Malaysian Army attack exercise.

Assets involved in the exercise included fighter jets F/A-18D, SU-30MKM and Hawks; the transport carriers A400M, KC130 and CN235; the C130H tanker; and the helicopters S61A and EC725 AP. – Photos courtesy of RMAF Labuan

“We will not compromise or stop our exercise due to the financial constraints, as we want to continue improving our exercise to achieve the competency level that we want,” he added.

The exercise involved field training at the tactical level and in collaboration with Attack Exercise IX organised by the Malaysian Army where three C-130 aircraft assisted in the mass drop of paratroopers.

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“The RMAF will improve its weaknesses to ensure better exercises,” he said, disclosing that some 300 personnel took part in the exercise.

Abdul Mutalib said that the main mission of the exercise is to conduct important and necessary operation training in Region 2 (Sabah and Sarawak).