RM32 Million For Us To Jump, Claims YB

Arunarnsin Taib

KOTA KINABALU: A whopping RM32 million. That’s how much Warisan Plus assemblymen were said to have been offered to cross the floor.

Warisan’s Gum Gum assemblyman Arunarnsin Taib who revealed this today said he himself had been approached at least 10 times by political agents since last month to switch sides.

The Youth and Sports Assistant Minister said the agents told him that government elected representatives were offered RM27 million to quit the coalition and pledge their support for former chief minister Tan Sri Musa Aman.

“And there’s another RM5 million more for ministers and assistant ministers, making the overall total RM32 million, just to betray the people’s mandate,” he said, in a statement here.

He said the agents told him to save himself by crossing over to the opposition by playing ‘the state government is on the verge of collapsing’ card.

And his short answer to these so-called agents?

“I told them, it’s a waste giving such amounts of money to the YBs (assemblymen),” he said, adding it would make them rich but that the money was better spent on people at large who need it more.

Despite the staggering amount of money, he was adamant about holding on to the mandate given by the people to him in the last general election.

He also vowed not to betray the trust given by Chief Minister and Warisan President Datuk Seri Mohd Shafie Apdal.

Having said that, the politician said harassment by the agents had taken a toll on him and his family.

“They will track me down if their calls were not answered or WhatsApp (text) not replied.

“Not only that, my family members were also contacted besides having people watching my house,” Arunarnsin said.