Resignation Of Sulaman PBS Chief No Impact On Party, Says Mositun

Johnny Mositun
Johnny Mositun

KOTA KINABALU – Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS) Sulaman division is still intact despite the resignation of its chief Rakam Sijim and six other divisional leaders.

PBS Secretary Datuk Johnny Mositun said that for now, the party’s headquarters will take over as caretaker of the division pending the findings of an internal investigation into the matter.

Mositun said that so far the party’s headquarters has only received Rakam’s letter of resignation.

“Rakam’s letter was dated on December 5 2016 and was sent to the party headquarters Monday. In it he also expressed his gratitude to PBS and its leaders for their support and guidance all this while,” Mositun who is also deputy State Assembly Speaker said.


He however stressed that Rakam’s move to quit PBS was not much of a surprise to him as there have been signs as the latter had been seen attending functions organised by the opposition parties.

“With modern technology it is difficult to keep things like this under wraps. We have received information through the social media of his actions. But we did not mention anything about it as it is everyone’s rights to attend the functions,” Mositun said.

Rakam in a statement Monday to announce his resignation from the party also relinquished his position as PBS Sulaman division chief he held since year 2000, as PBS supreme council member and as the deputy Permanent Chairman of the Annual Delegates Conference.


Also leaving PBS was division secretary Awangki Matnoor, treasurer Aspudin Anga, assistant secretary Mohd Said Keeh, committee member Jepri Brahim, and PBS Youth Movement Exco and Sulaman youth chief Rosman Abin and youth secretary Ronald Bungkong.

Rakam explained that he did not have any problem with the PBS leadership nor any individuals in the party. He said his decision was prompted by current political reality in the country as well as in Sabah.

“I as a stakeholder have to rise and work together with other political comrades including those in Gabungan Sabah (USA). I am also following closely the development in other political parties including that of Parti Warisan Sabah,” Rakam added.