Residents in Kapit Low-lying Areas Advised to Move to Higher Ground

KUCHING: Residents in two low lying areas in Kapit have been advised to move to higher ground since last night following a rise in water level due to continuous rain.

The Sarawak Fire and Rescue Department Operation Centre in a statement today said water levels in Kampung Baru and the Philimon Longhouse started to rise since about 10pm yesterday.

The same situation is also reported in Long Loyang and Kampung Stapang, Marudi in the Miri Division.

The statement said the Philimon Longhouse, which located about 20km from the Kapit town has 126 residents but the total number of people who have not been evacuated has yet to be ascertained.

“A 76-year-old senior citizen and her daughter, aged 41 from Kampung Baru were evacuated to a relative’s house at about 11pm,” the statement said.