Repair Works Delayed Due To Shortage Of Materials, Bad Weather – Kurup

KENINGAU: Joseph Kurup, the Pensiangan Member of Parliament under fire by the DAP, has conceded that works on some houses under the ‘repair programme’ have been delayed due to unforeseen circumstances and accused the opposition of making a big issue out of it.

“I wish to clarify to you (the DAP) that the houses under the repair programme which you claim as not completed, and done in a slip-shod manner were actually in the construction process,” Kurup (photo) said in a report.

He said there were several houses whose completion were delayed because the builders were waiting for the building materials besides the distance factor as well as the uncertain weather in the interior areas lately.

Kurup, who is also minister in the Prime Minister’s Office also labelled the opposition party as ‘king of manipulators’ that is scary and the people should stay away from it.

He said the party leaders were always thinking of finding the weaknesses of other people unlike the Barisan Nasional leadership that always looked for ways of prospering the people.

For example, he said, the DAP accused him and the BN in the Pensiangan constituency of turning the project to repair the homes of the abject poor as fishing for votes.

“This is totally untrue and all the accusations by the DAP are like fishing in troubled waters purely for their own political survival,” he told reporters after observing the affected houses in Kampung Mapila, Kuala Biah, Mampulut and Ansip, recently.

While in PAGALUNGAN on Monday, Kurup said the BN government will ensure equal development for people from all walks of life in the country, and this is very important in ensuring that the people could live a balanced life.

“That’s why I want the people in Pagalungan, especially in Kampung Binanding to give unwavering support to the BN government to ensure continuous development here,” he said when opening the Kampung Binanding C longhouse.

The 12-door longhouse, built at a cost of RM200,000, could accommodate 90 people.

Kampung Binanding, which is located between Salong and Pensiangan, could only be reached by boat via Pensiangan river.


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