Rent-2-Own Financial Plan To Purchase Piano Ramlee At Music Mart


Distinctone Sdn. Bhd (Music Mart) is launching the first ever Malaysian piano under the international brand, ‘Piano Ramlee’ in short P. Ramlee, a tribute to the legendary multitalented Malay film actor, director, singer, composer and producer.

This new brand of piano will have a soft launching at the Suria Sabah shopping mall starting November 25, 2016 all throughout the festive season.

According to Peter Chua, Executive Director of Music Mart, Piano Ramlee is a brand that will take you back to the nostalgic time of P. Ramlee’s era, as P. Ramlee is considered to be the timeless icon of Malaysian music and films.

“Piano Ramlee is an affordable piece of musical gem and now, it’s affordable to have one unit at every home with our Rent 2 Own financial scheme,” said Peter.

The Rent 2 Own financial scheme is applicable for those with a minimum disposable income of RM2000 a month and the cost of the instalment would be RM350 for 36 months (three years), inclusive of free music lessons for a year.

Piano Ramlee is built with the highest European standard quality for the international market. The piano brand will also have Swarovski Element on its crystal model, which is the first of its kind in Southeast Asia.

According to Peter, the Rent 2 Own scheme is meant to target the Malay population who have the lowest piano ownership in Malaysia.

“We would like to make music education more accessible for them and making it possible to engage the whole family in the process of nurturing a healthy bonding environment through music,” Peter added.

“In addition to this, music has also been proven time and time again to be an effective tool in preparing the brain for academic learning among children. The discipline required in music learning will also help build character and analytical thinking” Peter concluded.

For kindergartens, play schools, government-aided schools, private schools and mission schools, Music Mart offers a scheme of up to 80 per cent loan to help them set up a special music curriculum as an elective subject. This scheme also applies to all piano teachers who aspire to open their own piano schools.