Red Onion Labuan Embarks On Meals Delivery Businesses, Says Its GM

Labuan MP, Rozman Isli, fifth from left, together with Zamri Jeffrey and other staff at Sunday’s launch of the Red Onion delivery meals.

LABUAN: The business of delivering restaurant meals to the home is undergoing rapid change as new online platforms race to capture markets and customers across the duty-free-island here.

The almost two-year old western restaurant, Red Onion, which is fast becoming a popular food outlet on the island, has embarked on food delivery business over the telephone call and online.

Its general manager Zamrie Jeffrey said the delivery service was the Red Onion’s effort to accommodate the changing consumer preferences.

“We are trying to accommodate the high demand of customers who have been asking us to deliver their meals right in front of the door,” he said to reporters after the official launching of the Red Onion Pizza and Pasta Delivery service.

He noted the changing consumer preferences have been causing fast food and takeaway outlets to alter their business models.

Zamri said this convenience-focused strategy has encouraged time-poor customers to make use of Red Onion’s meals as a quick and reliable meal option.

“Our meals are gaining popularity as our meals prices are affordable but competitive,” he said.

Red Onion’s success has emerged from a strategy that has differed to other traditional fast food outlets.

Instead of attempting to compete with premium pizza stores or add healthy options to its menu, the company has expanded its store network and focused on technology-related convenience.