Rat-Infested Eatery At Likas Plaza Ordered Closed For 14 Days By DBKK


KOTA KINABALU: The sight of two large rats foraging for food in a display cabinet at an Indian Muslim coffeeshop in Likas Plaza has brought its owners a 14-day shutdown effective Saturday.

Joannes Solidau, the director general of Kota Kinabalu City Hall, said they have identified the coffeeshop after a video of the incident went viral on social media.

He said an inspection was immediately carried after City Hall’s Health Department received the complaint.

Rat droppings were seen in the cabinet.

“Our officers have handed over the ‘close order notice’ and the owners will have to clean up,” he said when contacted Friday.

Joannes declined further comment but agreed that further investigation into the cleanliness and hygiene practices by the operator would need to be looked into.

The food outlet is said to be quite popular with customers.

In the video, the name of the coffeeshop was clearly stated.

Health enforcement officials from Kota Kinabalu City Hall at the Likas Plaza food outlet on Friday. – Photo credit BorneoToday reader

The 34-second video clip was taken by a customer who was heard discussing the antics of the two rats running around the food in the display cabinet.

The person who took the video is overheard laughing at the sight and agreeing among their friends that it would be their last time they would coming to the coffeeshop.

BorneoToday visited the food outlet at 7.30pm Friday and found some dozen odd customers having their dinner. The floor of the coffeeshop was visibly cleaner.

The offending food cabinet, used by a soto vendor, was closed.

The two rats having a good time at the coffeeshop unbeknownst to its operators, but was spotted by customers who took a video of it.