Ramlee: Ministry Of Finance Is Major Shareholder Of Sabah Air Aviation

Sabah Air’s hangar and operation’s centre at Tanjung Aru.

STATEMENT: The (Gulfstream G200) jet is registered under Innosky Limited. Innosky is 100% owned by Sabah Air. Sabah Air acquired Innosky in Dec 2015. It was a Labuan based company paying Malaysian tax.

The jet is therefore owned by a subsidiary of Sabah Air which is involved in corporate jet charter.

The major shareholder of Sabah Air Aviation Sdn Bhd is the Ministry of Finance.

The balance of the shares was owned by Sabah Energy Corporation.


Four years ago, Sabah Energy Corporation sold their shares to foreign investors at a very good price, much higher than the book value of the company.

The investors lost 85% of their investment after two years.

The accounts are being audited by Ernst & Young. It shows Sabah Energy Corporation made the right decision for the moment.

All of Sabah Air planes and helicopters are available for charter.

In respect of jet charter and medevac services, the positioning, the range and the type of aircrafts as well as the requirements of the passengers/patients are considerations to be taken into account.

Internet photo of the G200 jet that belongs to Sabah Air Aviation. The VP-CSA code would indicate that the plane is registered in the Cayman Islands. – Photo copyright [email protected]

Reportedly Junz claimed he went to Sabah Air and wanted to rent a private jet. This is a lie. He never went to Sabahair. He sent his boys who were suspicious in their behavior. One minute, they wanted to rent a heli. The next, they interested in a private jet.

Lately, there have been a lot of inquiries about private jet rentals but all came no avail. Not genuine ones and wasting the time and effort of the staff and management of Sabah Air.

If you are serious, put down a deposit, you can charter, no problem. But don’t go there snooping around with bad intention.

The opposition has intentionally tried to paint a negative picture about Sabah Air, hinting that suspicious activities are going on. This is purely for their political mileage.

• Ramlee Marahaban is Assistant Minister of Finance and State Assemblyman for Bugaya


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