Rahman Dahlan Answers To Ong Kian Ming’s Dare On Bersih

File photo of a Bersih rally in Kuala Lumpur.
File photo of a Bersih rally in Kuala Lumpur.


LETTER: I have been asked by DAP YB Ong Kian Ming to prove that BERSIH is out to topple the ruling BN govt.

I believe it is time to drop all pretences that BERSIH is non-partisan and apolitical. It is time to call a spade, a spade and to admit that BERSIH is now just another tool for the opposition party rather than a body that supposedly fights for elections reforms.

Their actions over the past few years have proven beyond any doubt that this is the case.

Rahman Dahlan
Rahman Dahlan

Among others, I give you the following 5 examples:

1. Rally leaders at the BERSIH 4 finale Ceramah openly urging the crowd to reject Prime Minister Najib Razak, BN and to promise to vote against the ruling government.

2. BERSIH leaders Ambiga and Maria Chin speaking at numerous opposition party events including at the opposition candidate Ceramah for the Teluk Intan by-elections.

3. Instead of fighting for free and fair elections, BERSIH actively joins the opposition-organised anti-GST rallies giving the scarcely-believable excuse that “workers are voters too”. A universally accepted and modern taxation system has nothing to do with elections reforms.

4. Instead of calling for the DAP Secretary-General and Penang Chief Minister to temporarily step-down while facing multiple corruption charges, he is invited by BERSIH to launch the Penang roadshows – fully in defiance of good governance, civil service guidelines and democratic practises.

5. And against democratic principles, BERSIH 4 and BERSIH 5 demanded the Prime Minister to step down despite the Prime Minister having been investigated and cleared by the relevant lawful authorities.

6. The then BERSIH chairperson Ambiga publicly parroting the opposition’s ridiculous allegations of phantom foreign voters voting in GE13 and sabotaging blackouts, only to be disputed by BERSIH’s own PEMANTAU report which said that there was no evidence of any phantom voters nor blackouts.

Datuk Abdul Rahman Dahlan
Minister in Prime Minister’s Department
Economic Planning Unit

Ong Kian Ming
Ong Kian Ming

Serdang MP Ong Kiang Ming had challenged federal minister Abdul Rahman Dahlan to prove that electoral reforms pressure group Bersih was trying to oust BN from government.

“I challenge him to show us exactly how does Bersih advocate for the illegal toppling of the government.

“None of Bersih’s demands is asking for this. (Their demands) are about institutional and electoral reforms,” Ong told a press conference at the DAP headquarters in Kuala Lumpur Monday.

Although Bersih is seeking Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak’s resignation, it was not tantamount to ousting BN as the ruling party illegally, said Ong.

  • This is part of Ong’s statement that appeared in Malaysiakini