Putrajaya Pumps In RM120 Million Worth Of Projects In Labuan Next Year

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An overview of the Labuan marina area. – Photo credit borneogl.blogspot.my/
Rozman Isli
Rozman Isli

LABUAN – The Federal Government has approved a total of RM120.2 million in projects for implementation beginning next year, in the duty-free-island.

Labuan MP Datuk Rozman Isli said the people-centric projects were aimed at boosting the island’s economy, especially tourism industry.

“The island’s economy has been badly hit by slowdown of the oil and gas sector, upon which it heavily depended on over the years.


“We are now aggressively developing the tourism industry, exploring new ideas and improving tourism facilities,” he said at the Budget 2017 Roadshow here Monday.

There are 38 development projects costing RM752 million for implementation in stages under the 11th Malaysia Plan.

They include the coastal road from Membedai to Tanjung Aru; Phase 2 development of fish landing at LKIM Complex; Kg Patau-Patau bridge reconstruction; Rusukan Jetty tourism jetty facility; Batu Arang Housing programme; and, Labuan Hospital lift replacement.

“We still have ample time to prepare the necessary documents such as designing, environmental impact assessment (EIA) and appointing consultants for all the projects.

“With the huge funds for various development projects, Labuan is neither lagging behind nor side-lined by the government, in terms of disbursement of allocation,” said Rozman, adding the fund was to facilitate future investments.


He said the Labuan Corporation (LC) was still preparing the Labuan Development Blue Print which was expected to be completed early next year.

“We hope the completion of the infrastructures (via the fund) will greatly help boost Labuan’s economy, with the creation of more employment and business opportunities in the long run.”

Rozman said the private-initiative proposed waterfront development project was still under consideration, which was potentially to transform the island’s development landscape.

He said the connectivity between Labuan and the mainland was vital and continued to be highlighted in the interest of the island’s economy.

“The Sabah Government is in favour of the construction of the bridge. We hope the talk on the proposed bridge will commence in January, as stated by the minister in the Prime Minister’s Department (Datuk Abdul Rahman Dahlan).

“The bridge will become the enabler to move forward the volume of the port and airports, as the island is connected to the mainland,” he added.