Putrajaya Neglects Rural Folk In Sarawak Yet Curry Favour With Trump

COMMENT: With reference to Dr James Jemut Masing’s recent statement where he spoke on the federal government’s lack of assistance towards fixing up and improving rural schools in State, and Putrajaya’s reluctance to help rural schools.

Currently, Sarawak is in need of funds to fix over 1,000 ‘shaky’ schools but at a time when the State’s rural areas are so deep in trouble and help, sadly, our Prime Minister chooses to take money to invest at of all places, the United States of America (USA).


Instead of investing in the USA and purchasing Boeing jets worth USD10 billion, this same amount of money, or even less, could help develop enough rural schools in Sarawak, and take care of our children’s education needs, in particular, Dayak children.

Despite the promises made by Dr James and Alex Nanta to the Dayak, still our Najib Razak and the BN government choose to take money to invest elsewhere at the expense of Malaysians in Sarawak.

BN’s elected representatives in the rural areas always proudly say only the Barisan Nasional government can bring a development to Sarawak rural but why Putrajaya neglects rural schools?

The money invested by Malaysian Government overseas, in particular the USA, can help in rural development for basic infrastructure such as roads and electricity in Kapit division, better healthcare facilities at Kapit hospital, education as well as to fix the dilapidated schools in Kapit and to build SK Nanga Musah in Katibas that was abandoned for 16 years, or to upgrade the water treatment plant in Song and Kapit.

Now I ask Alex Nanta Linggi, the Kapit Member of Parliament and Dr James himself, where are the promises made by you both, and what have you done for the Dayak community.

Why do they keep silent on this matter?

Paren Anak Nyawi is Special Assistant to the Member of Parliament for Sibu