Putatan Villagers Badly Need Functioning Streetlights, Proper Drainage

Terrence Siambun with villagers from Putatan who attended the recent dialogue, where the main complainrs were the lack of streetlights and proper drainage.

PUTATAN: Parti Warisan Sabah has urged the BN State Government to take immediate action on the predicaments faced by the villagers of Kampung Tombovo, Ketiau and Duvanson relating to non-functioning streetlights and lack of a proper drainage system.

According to the chief coordinator of Warisan Putatan Terrence Siambun, he is saddened to note that despite the villagers have already fulfilled their responsibilities as concerned communities by informing JKKK and MDPtn about the matter, no action is yet forthcoming.

“So, I urge my fellow State Assemblyman, Yahya Husin and the Member of Parliament for Putatan, Marcus Mojigoh to immediately go down and settle this long outstanding problem,” said Siambun who is also Warisan’s treasurer.

Siambun said this after attending the dialogue organized by the villagers at Kg Tansau aimed at finding a solution on the matter.

He also confirmed that the streetlights are located along the roads known as Jalan Depot Peluru, Kg Kapazan and Jalan Tombovo-Ketiau.

“According to the villagers, the streetlights in these areas have been non-functioning since 2014.

An accident waiting to happen; a Tanjung Dumpil-Meruntum highway with no streetlights.

The same problem is being faced by the Putatan folks along the Tanjung Dumpil-Meruntum Highway,” he explained.

“Both Yahya and Mojigoh must also find a permanent solution to the perennial flooding affecting the villagers at Diposu, Kg. Tombovo.

“I am now urging Yahya and Mojigoh since both are staunch supporters of the belief that only BN can bring development to the people so they now have to come and settle these long outstanding issues immediately for the sake of Putatan folks,” he added.

Siambun also requested all the villagers in the district of Putatan to remain united and act as one strong community so that their voices will be heard by the Government.

“Do not be afraid to voice out your concerns despite there will be attempt to suppress such attempt.

“After all, you equally pay taxes and GST which enable this BN Government to survive,” he concluded.