Public Has Every Right To Know About G200 Jet Owned By Sabah Air

Internet photo of the G200 jet said to belong to Sabah Air Aviation. The VP-CSA code would indicate that the plane is registered in the Cayman Islands. – Photo copyright [email protected]

COMMENT: I insist the Sabah State government must be transparent and reveal how much it has spent to use the jet owned by Sabah Air Aviation subsidiary.

The public has the right to know how the government spends money as well as the reasons behind every penny that was spent because its public funds we are talking about.

The Sabah government must come clean about the jet, whether or not it had been used by a high-ranking state official.

I stand firm and insist that this question must be answered. I’m merely asking for more transparency from the government. Why avoid answering if there’s nothing to hide?

Regarding the accusation levelled against me by Ramlee Marhaban, Sabah Assistant Finance Minister who said I lied in an attempt to cast doubts over the ownership of a Gulfstream G200 jet belonging to Sabah Air.


I never said I went to Sabah Air office by myself to inquire whether the aviation company offers the jet as part of its chartering services.

In fact, i had notified my followers on social media that it was my youth members who went to the office to investigate and make enquiries.

Nonetheless, that is not important. What I would like to know now is the rationale behind purchasing the Innosky Limited and the reason why such acquisition was not made public.

Ramlee went on to explain that the jet was registered under Innosky Limited, which was fully owned by Sabah Air. Innosky is a limited company based in Labuan and was acquired by Sabah Air in December 2015.

How do I lie when I’m simply asking questions? It seems to me Ramlee is overreacting with tactics aimed to divert attention from the real issue here.

There is nothing wrong with asking questions. What I ask is of public interest because I want to re-emphasize again that whenever the government spends money, it is public money they are using.

• How much did Sabah Air spend to acquire this company?
• From whom did Sabah Air acquire it from?
• What’s the investment returns up to date?

When Innosky was bought, did it already own a jet? Or did Sabah Air buy Innosky first and then later buy the jet?

Why buy the company if you only want the plane? Don’t forget that a Gulfstream G200 Jet could cost up to some USD 10-30million.

Since the government used the public money, it is only right that the people are told how it was spent and this includes the money spent on buying, maintaining and chartering a jet for official businesses.

• Junz Wong is Assemblyman for Likas and Parti Warisan Sabah Vice President


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