Proof Enough The PM Is Not Bothered About Sabah Rights – Parti Warisan


KOTA KINABALU: The decision not to include the 13 new state legislative assembly seats in Sabah further serves to highlight Barisan Nasional’s insincerity and indifference towards.the interests of Sabahans.

In his latest salvo made against Anifah Aman, the Member of Parliament for Kimanis, Loretto Padua Jr. Tuesday invited him to join Parti Warisan over the claim that BN Sabah had becoming too subservient to will and wishes of the Prime Minister.

“I call upon Anifah who had earlier on pledged that he will quit Umno if Najib do not return all the Sabah’s rights taken by Federal Government to join Warisan now for he (Anifah) himself knows it there is no way that Najib agreeable to the full activation of our State’s rights.

“Does Anifah still thinks that Najib Razak will accede to what Sabahans are demanding since we all know that he has now grown wiser from his previous blunders at Sarawak over the issues on the State’s rights?” the Secretary General of Parti Warisan Sabah said in a statement.


Padua said he believed that the decision by Najib to forgo the new seats which the Sabah Government had meticulously and seriously planned, depict the non-committal on the part of the Prime Minister when it comes to issues relating to Sabah.

“The decision by Najib not to table the 13 new DUN seats clearly tell us that Musa Aman, who had engineered and pushed for it, is unable to assert himself with regards to the Sabah-Federal relationship where all the decisions in respect of Sabah would, firstly and primarily, be decided for the benefit UMNO Nasional instead of the Sabahans.

“Prior to the gazetting of the 13 new seats, some BN Sabah component parties leaders have been supporting the creation of the same because they themselves had said it that it will allow the State Government to work effectively and efficiently for the Sabahans, particularly those in the new DUN seats.

“So, if the basis for the creation of the new seats in first place had been ‘to enable the Sabahans from these areas to receive better development and assistance from the State and Federal Government,’ then Musa and Anifah should have argued with Najib on the necessity for it to be tabled but yet, both opted to remain quiet.

“If Najib could easily forgo the new seats which the State Government and State Assembly have endorsed, then what more of MA63?” he charged.

Padua also said that instead of making further rhetoric over the issues in relation to Sabah’s rights, Anifah and the rest of BN Sabah leaders would better off by joining Warisan.

“The deafening silence by the BN Sabah component parties leaders in the likes of PBS, LDP, PBRS and Upko over the new seats tells us how Najib is dictating everything here in Sabah, not for the benefit of the Sabahans but for selected few.

“While Najib will certainly announce his ‘good news’ on MA63 to the thundering applauses by BN Sabah component parties leaders, our past experiences with him on issues relating to RCI on PTI in Sabah, the decision Cabotage Policy and many more groundbreaking ceremonies tells us that his version of the ‘good news’ would not be what we all have expected.

“Hence, this is the golden opportunity for Anifah Aman and the rests of BN Sabah leaders to leave Umno/BN and I will personally welcome them if they join Warisan,” he concluded.