Pork is safe to consume – Junz

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KOTA KINABALU: Minister of Agriculture and Food Industry Junz Wong called the public to calm down and not to speculate on the existence of Japanese Encepilatis (JE) on human as found by Health Department.

JE was actually detected on human in Kg Lubong, Tambunan by Health Department and not on pig, Junz added.

Junz said the disease (JE) might have been contracted from other sources, not necessarily from pig though pig use to be blame on such incident.


“However, my officers are taking samples for testing from the pigs around this area amounting to about 80 heads. We will update once the results are out,” Junz informed.

Junz reiterated, “Pork is still safe to be consumed as for now.”

Junz Wong urged pig farm owners to work closely with Sabah Department of Veterinary Services (DVS) and report for any incidences.

“DVS is not taking any chances and are checking on swine farms in the district,” Junz added.

“Sabah still has numbers of backyard farming and swill feeding. We plan to give incentive to farmers to report sick animals.” Junz added.

We don’t want farmers to slaughter and sell meat from sick pigs, Junz said.

Junz informed that DVS has step up surveillance and enforcement especially at entry points.

We will do our best to protect SABAH.