Poo Party At The Beach; Resort Management Apathetic To Complaint

TUARAN: A Malaysian hotel guest encountered an unsightly scene at one of the most exclusive resorts in Sabah recently. The hotel is mainly occupied by tourists from western countries and East Asia. There are not many, in fact barely any local guests around.

The Malaysian visitors witnessed a grown up boy, accompanied by a male guardian, defecating at a private beach belonging to the resort.

Having taken photos and videos of that improper sanitation process, and the male guardian passing tissue to the boy to clean up after, those concerned Malaysian visitors sent emails to the hotel management and even went to the duty manager to inform them of that incident.

To their surprise, the duty manager said:” we received emails and will pass to the higher management to look into it.”

The Malaysian guests wonder if the hotel would have handled the case more professionally if the complains were to come from a foreigner?