Polls Machinery Geared Up, Upko Identifies Winnable GE14 Candidates


KOTA KINABALU: United Pasokmomogun Kadazandusun Murut Organisation (Upko) has identified winnable candidates for the forthcoming 14th general elections.

The Barisan Nasional component party has also put in place its machinery especially in seats where it contested in 2013.

Wilfred Madius Tangau, the Upko supremo also said for them, the final decision on candidacy remains on the shoulders of only two people, he himself and Najib Razak, the BN chairman.

But Tangau who is Member of Parliament for Tuaran stated it was “not much of a problem” since Upko only has six state and four parliament seats.

Although not mentioning any name, he said the essence of potential candidates were whether they are winnable or otherwise, thus for now there are more than one name for each seat.


“Continue to work hard and strengthen our collaboration with our component parties in BN,” was his message to aspiring candidates.

In his pep talk to about 1000 delegates at the end of the UPKO 14th General Election retreat for polling district (PDM) leaders and staff recently, he also urged them to fully understand the issues being manipulated by the oppositions to garner support from voters.

Among the issues were GST, oil price hike, cost of living and low prices of commodities such as rubber.

“You have the facts and figures, so take on the oppositions’ allegations and especially in the social media. Fight them,” said Tangau who is also Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation.

He hoped all the party’s polling officers would returned to their respective division with bigger confidence and morale boosted to face the election.

“What is important is that all of you must be confident and that you are sincerely fighting for the people and the state on the right platform. The BN is going to win, that is our mentality,” he said.

Apart from Tangau, Upko also holds the Putatan (Marcus Mojigoh) and Ranau (Ewon Ebin) as well as the State seats of Kuala Penyu (Limus Jury), Paginatan (Siringan Gubat), Nabawan (Bobbey Ahfang Suan) and Kuamut (Masiung Banah)

Upko also contested and lost in Penampang (Parliament) and Moyog as well as Bingkor, both State seats.