Police On Hunt For Trio Who Posed As Health Inspectors In Tawau

TAWAU: Police are on the hunt for three men who posed as health inspectors and took the opportunity to steal valuables at a house, here recently.

Tawau district police chief ACP Peter Umbuas said the men in their 20s and 30s who entered the house on the pretext of checking for mosquito breeding grounds, were wanted by the police following a report lodged by a woman yesterday.

“The victim was alone when the three men in blue suits came claiming that they were from the Tawau Health Department. 

“After the impersonators were allowed in, they rummaged through the victim’s house and stole various items before fleeing,” he said here today.

However, according to Peter, the victim was left unharmed.

“Do not be easily fooled by anyone who claim to be personnel from government departments,” he said.

He reminded members of the public to contact the Tawau Police Headquarters Operation Room or the relevant departments to get confirmation before allowing strangers into their house.