PN Govt Hasn’t Implemented Flood Mitigation Projects Approved by PH

Jannie Lasimbang on her campaign rounds in Kapayan on Sunday. She lamented that flood mitigation projects approved by the PH had yet to be implemented by the government.

COMMENT: The federal government under Pakatan Harapan-Warisan had approved more than RM80 million in flood mitigation projects in Sabah. In particular, RM76 million mitigation measures were approved for Kapayan and Lido areas.

The backdoor government under Perikatan Nasional (PN) has been quiet over the approved flood mitigation measures. The implementation was supposed to have occurred earlier this year but there has been no update on those projects.

Was the implementation disrupted by the ‘Sheraton Move’ that has robbed the mandate from the people?

Why is Yong Wui Chung of the Liberal Democratic Party who has raised question over flood mitigation is so quiet over Perikatan Nasional’s silence on the implementation of those projects?

Yong’s selective questioning is not only unfair but has also unveiled his ignorance about the flood mitigation projects approved for the Kapayan area by the Pakatan Harapan-Warisan government back then.

The flooding problem in Kapayan must be resolved as soon as possible. The Pakatan Harapan-Warisan federal government has already approved the necessary projects to address the problem.

Unfortunately, the political instability caused by selfish politicians acting as political frogs has created uncertainty over those flood mitigation measures, which would have benefited the people earlier.

Therefore, only by voting out all those ignorant politicians and selfish political frogs in the upcoming Sabah state election that Sabahans will be able to demand for the implementation of those flood mitigation measures which were already approved by the Pakatan Harapan-Warisan government.

* Jannie Lasimbang is the Warisan-DAP candidate for Kapayan where she was first elected as State Assemblyman in 2018