Please Don’t Destroy The Best Chance For Sabahans To Topple BN


COMMENT: DAP Sabah Secretary Chan Foong Hin should stop being childishly and arrogant as well as think that Sabahan Chinese MUST only vote for DAP. Be humble.

The recent Merdeka Institute poll has shown that in Sabah, DAP is losing popularity and support among the Chinese.

The poll has shown that the DAP popularity among Chinese has dropped to 57% after Warisan Sabah has been set up, and that too barely 7 months.

Don’t think that Sabah Chinese will just simply vote blindly for DAP.

Do not forget DAP is Malaya-based and cannot fully fight for Sabah interests because they will have to refer to their Malaya bosses and consider Malayan interest first.

Only Warisan is the truly multiracial Sabah party which can unite all Sabahans regardless of race and religion.

Chinese support Parti Warisan Sabah to form the Sabah government, as they know that the DAP can win only enough seats to be in the opposition. The DAP cannot form the government on its own.

I am a Chinese voter in Sandakan and I will certainly vote for Parti Warisan if there was to be a contest among the two. I know many of my family and friends feel the same way as I do.

So please do not be arrogant to claim that DAP will contest in all state seats in Sandakan.

I would like to remind DAP that they have never won any Sandakan or Batu Sapi state seats, I believe only Warisan has the strength to overcome the BN stronghold here in Sandakan.

I believe Warisan support will continue to grow stronger among all Sabahans.

So please stop insulting Sabahans’ intelligence and stop attacking Warisan.

DAP should be attacking the BN but often it seems the other way around. The rakyat are tired of DAP especially you (Chan) picking on Warisan

Many Sabah leaders including PBS UMNO LDP UPKO MCA have joined Warisan’s struggle for sake of Sabah’s future generations.

Warisan is here to topple the BN and not to weaken DAP. Do not put the blame on Warisan for losing your own Chinese supporters.

Warisan has the right strategy and formula to win the next elections and DAP should learn from PKR to remain positive and wait for Warisan’s move. We are set to form the next Sabah Government.

Please don’t destroy the best chance for Sabahans to topple BN.

  • Shirley Chien is Warisan Sabah’s Assistant Coordinator Batu Sapi