Pig Farm In Tongod Can Be A Model For Malaysia – Junz Wong

Junz handing over the letter to TFSB Executive Director Vincent Tan allowing them to enter the PFA.

KOTA KINABALU: Minister of Agriculture and Food Industry (MAFI) Junz Wong said the modern swine farm in Tongod could become a model farm for Malaysia.

Junz said this after handing over the letter which officially allows Tongod Farm Sdn Bhd (TFSB) to enter into the 200-acre Pig Farming Area (PFA) in Tongod.

“Now Tongod Farms can proceed with the necessary arrangements to set up the modern swine farm with zero-waste discharge green technology, best bio-security system, and best quality controlled meat production,” Junz said in a statement Friday.

TFSB is the anchor farmer of the PFA which will develop the area with zero cost to the government.

The land is leased for 50 years to TFSB at the rate of RM60,000 per year.

“This development is expected to create about 500 job opportunities in PFA and other supporting industries such as feed supplies, transportation and others,” Junz explained.

TFSB adopts modern pig farming concept that is a Close House System with zero discharge waste system.

TFSB will set up a slaughter house, laboratory, feed mill and a biogas plant at its own expense. The biogas facility will generate 30% of the farm’s electricity consumption.

“These infrastructures are shared facilities with other farmers within the PFA”, Junz stressed.

Junz informed the target group of the PFA project were the local existing farmers in Sabah who would be given a grace period of 5 years to comply with existing rules and regulations or be closed down and moved into the PFA.

The output of the project is the establishment of a proper PFA which is environmentally friendly.

“The strict biosecurity of the PFA will prevent disease incursion into the farming area and likewise prevent any disease outbreak from getting out of the farm.” Junz narrated.

Junz said the facility could support about 9,600 sows with an output of about 201,360 heads of porker for sale per year.

“I believe this PFA programme can reduce imported pork, increase self-sufficiency level and increase farmers income”. Junz said.

“Downstream processing is another possibility that must be explored.” Junz ended.

Tongod Farms was represented by its Executive Director Vincent Tan.

Also in attendance were MAFI Permanent Secretary Dr Mariana Tinggal and Political Secretary Rakam Sijim as well as Sabah Department of Veterinary Services Director Dr Peter Lee and other ministry and TFSB officials.