PH Proved MOU Not Needed To Pass Anti-Hopping Law

KOTA KINABALU: Pakatan Harapan (PH) has recently proved that there is no need for any Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), in order to pass the anti-hopping law, said a senior Warisan leader on Saturday.

Dato’ Azis Jamman who is the Chief of Wira Warisan said that Sabah DAP should refer to its leaders in Kuala Lumpur, before trying to cheat Sabahans and Malaysians.

He was responding to Sabah DAP Chief, Frankie Poon who claimed that the the anti-hopping bill could not be passed without the MOU.

“DAP Sabah should refer to their bosses in KL before trying to hoodwink Sabahans and Malaysians.”

“Just recently on March 24, the BN government with the support of PH, unanimously passed Article 119A in Parliament.”

“I am a Member of Parliament privy to these public information. Maybe Frankie who is not an MP should refer to the DAP MPs in Kuala Lumpur before being their mouthpiece”

Article 119A which was referred to by Azis is called the Constitution (Amendment) Bill 2022.

It excludes the names of the Yang di-Pertuan Agong, any Yang di-Pertua Negeri and his consort, any heir apparent and other heirs of a ruler and their consorts from automatically being listed in the Election Commission’s (EC) electoral roll.

On March 24, the Bill was passed unanimously after receiving support from all 181 MPs present in Parliament, including MPs from PH.

“The passing of Article 119A proves that PH can still support the anti-hopping bill, if any, without the need to sign any MOU.”

“Apart from Article 119A, every single bill passed in Parliament since 1957 did not have any MOU.”

“Does DAP think the people is so gullible to believe that all these while, bills could br passed without any MOU. Yet when it is the anti-hopping bill, an MOU is suddenly required?”

Elaborating on Warisan’s stand on the anti-hopping law, Aziz who is MP for Sepanggar said that PH should emulate Warisan’s firm and principled stand.

“Will Warisan support the anti-hopping law which is for the benefit of the people? The simple answer is yes, and Warisan do not need any MOU to support the anti-hopping law.”

“Just table it and you will see Warisan is consistent.”

“Warisan has supported bills that are fair for the people, like the amendment to restore Sabah’s status in the Federation of Malaysia.”

“Warisan has also objected Bills that are unfair for the people, like SOSMA and Budget 2022.”

“We stood by the people and defended the people without compromising our principles or signing any MOU.”

The former Deputy Home Minister added, none of the much-trumpeted benefits of the MOU has seen the day of the light, but PH has been given access to hundreds of millions of ringgit after the MOU was signed.

“DAP told the public the MOU has many benefits. But is it true?”

“Has BN become weaker? No.”

“Has the polical situation become stable? No.”

“Has Covid-19 cases been better managed? No.”

“Has any of the reforms been implemented? No.”

“Has the anti-hopping law been tabled? No.”

“But has PH taken any money and allocation? Yes.

“PH has access to approximately RM166.7 million in direct grants and RM178 million in project funds after signing the MOU.”

“Apart from a Federal-level MOU, DAP also pushed for a Sabah-state level MOU with Bersatu and GRS. Why?”

“At the Federal level, DAP says the MOU with UMNO is for the anti-hopping law.”

“So at the State-level, DAP’s MOU with Bersatu is for what? Also for the Federal level anti-hopping law?”

“Or is it for the funding?”

“Instead of continuing with the lies, maybe DAP and PH should apologise to its believers and supporters.”

“DAP and PH should also explain how the hundreds of millions were spent after the MOU was signed.”