Peter To Sue Online News Portal For Defamation

TUARAN: A lawsuit will be filed against an online portal for publishing a report alleging the Ministry of Infrastructure Development is involved in power abuse.

On February 14, a false report by claimed its minister Datuk Peter Anthony and Sabah Infrastructure Development Department (JKR) Director Datuk Ir Richard Jomiji Kinsil have appointed five companies for projects costing RM1.5 billion without any tender.

Peter said, the government now adopts a policy where criticisms by any party will be openly accepted.

“However, do not make any harsh accusations. I as the minister will file for a lawsuit on the portal which I know is being run by previous leaders in Sabah, we know who they are.

“They know that my ministry does not have the power to appoint contractors directly, only the Ministry of Finance can do it and it has been practiced ever since the Sabah government was established,” he said when met by reporters after an inspection at Taman Sri Rugading here, on Monday.

According to Peter, what happened was that the concessions stated are owned by a company that is related to the previous government.

He said after conducting an inspection in all the districts throughout Sabah, it was found that the works done were of no quality.

“They had a contract of 15 years, and then renewed again for another 15 by the old government but they are not doing well.

“The ministry proposed to improve the quality of the works across the region, so we recommend other bumiputera contractors to be given the opportunity.

“If they do not perform well, we will remove them and replace them with a new contractor,” he said.

The ministry has also suggested that the scope of the contract for the company be reduced and that existing works will be given to new bumiputera contractors.

“As the report was made to make the state government look bad, it will not stop me from carrying my responsibilities in the ministry.

“But it’s okay because whatever it is, it is more important to fulfil the needs of the people instead of tending to such matters,” he expressed.