Peter Anthony ‘Detained’ For 24 Hours After Making MACC Appearance

Peter Anthony waves to reporters as he is about to enter the Sabah MACC headquarters in Kota Kinabalu mid-morning Friday. Three hours later he was seen coming out in handcuffs.

KOTA KINABALU: Peter Anthony, the Parti Warisan Sabah vice president, is believed to have been detained by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) for 24 hours to help in investigations into a failed land deal in Tongod district.

Peter, who called at the MACC headquarters at the federal complex at Jalan UMS here at 10.25am on Friday, was seen walking out in handcuffs accompanied by several officers three hours later.

However, a reliable source told BorneoToday: “Yes, he has been detained for 24 hours.”

The source declined to comment further except say to wait for the official statement from MACC.

It is also understood that Peter was being taken to his house or office to gather certain documents believed to be related to the case.

However, a check at Taman Cantek, the last known address of Peter as provided for by the MACC, was boarded up and is said to be under renovation.

However, no works is currently in progress and it looked as if there had been no work done for some time now.

MACC officers, nor his lawyer, Martin Tommy, were not providing details of what was going on, leaving journalists covering the case flabbergasted.

On Wednesday night, MACC demanded that Peter, who is also a businessman, and Michael Ubu, a lawyer, to present themselves within 48 hours at the Sabah MACC office in relation to the case involving a piece of oil palm estate in Tongod valued at RM155 million.

It is understood that the purported purchase by the Rubber Industry Smallholders Development Authority (RISDA) failed due to technical matters and a deposit made by the federal agency was to have been returned.

Earlier, Peter accompanied by Martin, and Loreto Padua, and accompanied by several of his supporters had arrived at the MACC office at about 10.25am, although he was earlier scheduled to meet his investigators at 2.30pm.

Peter, looking collected, waved and smiled to reporters before he was ushered in to the MACC office.

On Thursday, Martin told a press conference that the Tongod case was investigated by police a few years ago and that Peter had been cleared.


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